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Basic Land Navigation

a. Identify topographic symbols and features on a map.
b. Determine a location on the ground by terrain association.
c. Measure distance on a map.
d. Orient a map to the ground by terrain association.
e. Determine direction with and without a compass.

Compass -

Preferably the lensatic, military style with some manner of luminous dial. Along with a compass you should have topographical maps of your AO (Area of Operations) and surrounding areas, a map scale & protractor (1:25,000) and a copy of the "Map Reading and Land Navigation" Army field manual.

Topo Maps -

Recommended by the Light Foot Militia:

  1. Topographical maps of all your AO's (Area of Operations).
  2. Maps should be waterproof "outdoor" maps
  3. 18"x24" folded style
  4. Scale: 1:25,000
  5. Grid: MGRS (Military Grid) Full grid lines
  6. or search the internet for the best deal.


GPS (Global Positioning System) is a piece of electronic gear that uses satellites (at least
three) to triangulate your position on the Earth. Since it is electronic, it is not foolproof, and does
not replace your compass and topo maps.





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