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Load Bearing Equipment

Food and Water




(Load Bearing Equipment / Load Bearing Vest)
LBE/LBV is what you use to carry the stuff you can't do without. It is not your pack. Generally, it will consist of a belt with suspenders, and you
will attach your canteens, magazine
pouches/ammo bandoleers, first aid pouch/kit, sidearm, etc; or a vest with a similar configur-
ation. Most folks opt for the USGI issued pistol belt and H/Y Harness or the USGI load bearing vest. There are a multitude of different types of vests, harnesses, and the like (too many to list
here). Basically, you need something to carry the gear that you need to have immediately on
hand and still keep your hands free.


Pack -

You may well be on the move for a while, so you will need to have something to carry your
equipment (that isn't on your LBE). Most folks use the USGI A.L.I.C.E. (All Purpose Individual
Carrying Equipment) pack or the new MOLLE pack. A "Real Tree" (or equivalent hunting
gear) day pack will work until you trade up.


Level 1, 2 & 3 gear:

Level one
is what you carry on you; in your BDU pockets (compass, matches, knife, etc.

Pistol if in a drop leg holster)

Level two

is the above plus your rifle, web gear/vest, buttpack, mag pouches, etc.

Level three

is all the above plus your full pack w/sleeping bag (aka, “72 hour gear”)

This is not a list of required gear, but you should try to equip yourself as well as your wallet will allow. Remember, you're staking your life on this gear!


Asset 1 Asset 2 Asset 1