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Food and Water

Food and Water



Food -

You should have at least a 3 day supply in your 72 hour battle pack. MREs are expensive,
but they will last a long time. Canned food is cheaper, but heavier than an MRE. Another option is Coast guard survival rations. A three day supply of food is about the size of one MRE. 

They taste like a sugar cookie, and you need about a quart of water to wash down one ration, but they will keep you alive. You can save space by breaking open the MRE and tightly wrapping the contents into a smaller package. But keep the heavy plastic bag. It has a multitude of uses, including as a dressing for a sucking chest wound.


Water -

Without it you're dead in 3 days, it is that simple. You absolutely must have water purification tablets. Plus, you'll need something to carry it in. USGI canteens can be had for less than $5 each, they hold 1 quart, and you can normally fit two canteen pouches on your LBE along with all of your other gear (and they have a neat little pocket on the pouch made especially for the little water purification pill bottle). Two quart canteens can also be carried or attached to your pack with Alice clips. There are also hydration packs available (Camel Backs). These can be had in a variety of capacities. I have seen them available in sizes up to 72 ounces.






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