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The MSP Core Stove

Posted on 2/6/2013 by SuperUser Account in Fire Cooking Stove Wood Camping Backpacking

The SHTF and now you're in the woods and you need to heat up your food or boil some water. Luckily you've got a couple twigs and a 8.6 oz Titanium Core Stove in your bug out bag... or do you?

The Core 4 Stove is a perfect bug out bag sized stove for an individual or small group to cook food or boil a pot of water using only a handful of sticks or twigs. It has dual walls with vent ports that help burn the smoke for a clean burn. It disassembles to become completely flat. It has multiple modes such as Rocket Stove mode and Top Lit Updraft (TLUD) mode. Its a practically bulletproof stove and a great twig stove for hiking and camping.

The Core 4 Stove was designed to be a sustainable family or group woodgas stove that can be used to cook for long periods and can be set right on a picnic table or counter top without burning it. A heat shield plate can be installed into the bottom of the stove so whatever you set it on is shielded from the heat of the fire.

Filling the Core 4 Stove up with a couple handfuls of pellets or packing it with twigs will allow the stove to burn in TLUD mode (with the optional TLUD plate) for an hour without having to stoke it and without any smoke. Its dual walls help it to burn clean so almost no smoke escapes while in use. It burns so clean that you could, in an emergency, use it to cook in your kitchen with wood pellets with appropriate ventilation.

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Core 4 Stove

Core 4 with Afterburners Installed

Core Stove Side.

Disassembled with SHTF Grill


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