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Urban Bug Out Bag Video Series

Posted on 3/24/2014 by SuperUser Account

Here's a great video series about an urban bug out bag which is part of being personally prepared for not only yourself, but for your friends and family for emergencies and natural disasters.

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FEB9 Bandage from Finland

Posted on 3/24/2014 by SuperUser Account

The FEB9 is a Finnish first aid pressure bandage and tourniquet for stopping extremity wound bleeding. Like the Israeli First Aid Compression Bandage, it can be used with a single hand to apply direct pressure to a wound and also as a tourniquet.

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Low Cost Hardened Steel Trauma Plates

Posted on 2/10/2013 by ARCLIGHT01 in Trauma Plates

If you're looking for some great, low cost plates for your plate carrier, here's a great place to get some. These are hardened steel plates designed to repel 7.62x51 and .308 bullets. Only $65.00!!!

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The MSP Core Stove

Posted on 2/6/2013 by SuperUser Account in Fire Cooking Stove Wood Camping Backpacking

The SHTF and now you're in the woods and you need to heat up your food or boil some water. Luckily you've got a couple twigs and a 8.6 oz Titanium Core Stove in your bug out bag... or do you?

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