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Idaho Light Foot Militia forms a unified front on the Oregon situation
Last Post 05 Jan 2016 06:13 AM by Tango. 0 Replies.
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05 Jan 2016 06:13 AM
    An open letter from the Idaho Light Foot Militia to the Patriot Community concerning the occupation of a federal wildlife reserve near Burns, Oregon by members of the freedom movement...

    We have heard calls, as we did with the Bundy situation in Utah, for militia from around the country to come to Oregon “as our forefathers answered the call at Lexington and Concord”. This is a specious argument at best.Remember that at Lexington the British government was the aggressor, while the militia they met were from the town they invaded. After murdering the citizens they were supposed to protect, the British troops marched on to Concord to confiscate weapons and ammunition, and arrest two prominent patriots; burning homes and farms as they searched. When the call went out to Connecticut, Rhode Island and others colonies to aid the people of Massachusetts, it was during an emergency; an ongoing firefight instigated by government forces.

    The situation we have at hand today cannot be compared. We, as lawful militia, are bound by our state constitution to follow the orders of the Governor of the State of Idaho (or the county sheriff in a local emergency). We ARE NOT a private paramilitary group who give ourselves orders to cross state lines and engage in armed protest as “militia” (private citizens can do as they will, we still have that freedom for the time being). And we would stand against any who enter our state to do so without our request and permission. If the Governor of the State of Idaho calls up the Idaho militia and sends us to Oregon (at the request of the Oregon Legislature, of course), or if an emergency (involving the criminal taking of life and liberty) were occurring which necessitated immediate action, we would answer the call to aid a neighboring state. This is the proper role of the militia of the several states.

    While we do agree that the federal government has overstepped its bounds concerning the exercise of powers not granted it by the Constitution for the united States of America, we do not feel that this is a protest that will garner either the support of many
    Americans, or end up showing the militia in a “good light” to those same people.

    It is our understanding that while there may be a couple of ranchers in the area who support this, most do not (including the Hammonds, who are supposedly the basis for this protest) and are vocal in their call for it to stop before it escalates into a situation that will not bode well for all concerned.

    As members of the Idaho Militia, the Light Foot would not welcome militia from out of state (well intended patriots they may be) from entering our state and doing what neither we, nor the members of our community support (as the Oregon militia and Oregon 3% both have voiced opposition to what is happening in their state).

    We pray for a swift and peaceful resolution to this situation, and that cooler heads will prevail.

    Capt. Jeffrey Stankiewicz,CO
    Idaho 55th Battalion of Light Foot
    Kootenai County, Idaho
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